The Nokia Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch

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Remember when a watch was used to tell us the time? The design of the watch is quite classic, and it looks nothing close to a digital smartwatch. Regarding other connectivity functions and features, this Aline smartwatch monitors your sleep and sends you sleep cycle alerts and generally records steps and distance you walk throughout the day.

Well, the main difference between a the top women's smartwatches and those aimed at a unisex market is going to be around size and possibly functionality. There's no escaping just how big the TicWatch Pro is, but it's hardly the first bulky smartwatch to grace the market; the ZTE Quartz in my closet is still thicker and fatter than the 45mm TicWatch Pro, but not by much.

Beyond that, the watch is thick (12.6 millimeters, or 2.6 mm more than the ZenWatch 3, though that's still slightly thinner than the original Huawei Watch), and it seems slower to respond to input and to launch apps than other modern Wear OS watches.

Fitness monitoring (step and calorie counting), sleep tracking, and a customizable button which can be used to take photos or control the music on your connected phone are all out of the box features of this watch as soon as you hook it up to a compatible Android or iOS device.

This is one of the first Wear OS watches to come so close to 'tic'ing all the boxes in a long time. If you are obsessed with your style, then this smart watch from Misfit is a classic and timeless piece to buy. On that nicely disguised display, you'll be able to see activity tracking data, check in on heart rate readings, view notifications and even check in on your stress levels.

Instead of absentmindedly staring at your smartphone's display, the most important information hits your wrist as it happens. With a choice of either 42mm or 46mm, edge to edge glass and a thin bezel, the 42mm version of 2nd gen 360 is specifically designed as a women's smartwatch, with the option to swap out bands quickly when you need a change.

If you like the stainless steel aesthetics of the Commuter but prefer a more traditional face and leather band, then the Q Grant is an equally affordable alternative: A tidy $80 discount lets you score this great-looking stainless steel hybrid smartwatch for just $95 directly from Fossil.

Fossil's app also stores your fitness and sleep data, which is pretty basic. If your quest for the best hybrid smartwatch doesn't have any monetary restrictions, then the Breitling Exospace B55 is a nifty smartwatch that was intrinsically designed for professional pilots, but rolled out for everyone considering its panache.

Tech companies have infused their best gadgetry with fashion and sports labels in recent years to attempt to offer a more style-conscious smartwatch (see the Apple Watch Nike+ and the Tag Heuer Connected). If you want the perfect marriage of design and smarts, this is our choice for the best hybrid smartwatch you can get right now.

While other smartwatch makers add more tech features and give you a bulky watch; we give you just enough technology all in a great looking, slim hybrid watch. The highlight of this smartwatch has to be its smart features and a drool-worthy gold finish. Carrying the same stainless steel casing, chrome hands and silicone strap as the Withings Activité Steel , you get an additional dynamic digital screen to view data including activity tracking and smartphone notifications.

Like the Hybrid, you can choose from various band options to personalize the look of the watch, although there's just the one face style for the Smartwatch. The top-notch Skagen hybrid watch works as an average activity tracer where it counts your steps, distance, and calorie burn.

Fossil's bracelet watch syncs with your favorite app, and its touchscreen face is extra helpful. If you want a small inset screen, heart rate monitor, and smartphone notifications, you can upgrade to the Nokia Steel HR The upgrade shrinks your battery life to about 25 days, but that's much longer than other watches with rechargeable batteries.